Out of Office


I will be out of office for one whole month straight starting next Monday.

How cool is that? ๐Ÿ˜€


Fun@Work #3

Again, in one of the morning operation meetings…

Drilling Superintendent: “So yesterday we have bla bla bla…” *suddenly look up and scan through everyone*
Drilling Superintendent: *saw a lady in red tudung* “Seems like we only have one lady here for this well operation.”
Everyone: Hmm..*awkward*

And, one of the very kind engineers tried to correct his mistake and showing him two fingers.

Drilling Superintendent: *Look confused and scan through everyone once again*
Engineer: *Point one finger above my head*
Drilling Superintendent: “OWH! We actually have two ladies here! Sorry! Hehehe. *And continue reading the report*

Sigh. /(>,<)\

Fun@Work #2

In one of the morning operation meeting…

Drilling Superintendent: “For the new well..Da..Da..Da..” *Trying hard to pronounce the well’s name*
Everyone: Hmm..*Silence*
Drilling Superintendent: “Da..Da..*Give Up* The new well DORAEMON has reached XXX depth and will be bla bla bla..”
Everyone: HAHAHA *almost died of massive laughters*

Morning operation meeting isn’t that boring after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fun@Work #1

A few months have passed since I started working in KLCC, albeit I still find it awkward to introduce myself as a drilling engineer since I do not know much things yet. Sigh. Still need to work harder. *muka bersemangat*

Anyway, there is this one particular question which I always get in workplace, especially during morning operation meeting with contractors. For example:

Contractor: “Err..are you the intern?”
Me: -Trying to sound as humble as possible- “Heh heh heh..I am actually the drilling engineer. Still new here, just started 2 months ago.”
Contractor: “Owh..”ย *Moments of silence and awkwardness*

Not sure if it is something to be proud of but I really feel helpless about it. (>,<)”….

Counting My Blessings

After setting up the blog some times back in November last year, I couldn’t find time to come back ย here and drop a few scribbles. I finally make it today since I am still on leaves for Chinese New Year.

Two months have passed since I started my working life in KL. Not much of a crowd lover, I find it hard and also, a bit tiring to living among lots of people, hearing random noises, breathing in polluted air. But as time goes by, I have slowly adapted this kind of hectic lifestyles but still longing for a more tranquil or rather peaceful personal space after working hours. I am that anti-social, you see. *Cough*

I have met good colleagues at the workplace, and kind contractors who are willing to teach and explain. Bumped back a few ex-colleagues. So much of awkwardness! Small world indeed.

Gained new friends from different backgrounds. Joined church and life groups. Living in this big city, all these little things make me feel blessed and grateful even though there are still struggles in the heart.

Above all, still give thanks for what have happened. Better things are yet to come!

Hello World!

I had my graduation ceremony (or you can call it convocation/commencement day) around 3 weeks ago.

Since then, I have been leading the most carefree lifestyle in my entire life. It’s good; well, I might even miss them when I start working soon. Anyway, there is no free lunches in this world. I have received my job offer and I got to kick start my whole new chapter of life soon.

I used to keep a blog for each and every phase of my life. Hence, this one will be the so-called “witness” for this whole new chapter until I get married(?) Hehehe.

I am the cat, 22, not so jobless..and ready to take over the world. Muahahaha~~~

Stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰